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Monday, August 25, 2014

Dan Jones & Moving a House

We have two progressing investigators, but this past week we were more successful 
contacting and we have three new investigators and four or five solid potential 
investigators, so that is good. Last night right before going up we were contacting, 
and we went to a little area and I started to talk to a guy and then a group of 10 or 12 
people gathered around. And I was really just focusing on one guy but then I started 
talking to all of them. But it was cool, I held up the Book of Mormon and was preaching 
about it, I felt like Dan Jones. We got a return appointment from it, so that was great.
There is a member from trash mountain who are in the hospital with a serious illness. 
We visited him in the hospital. They were starving in the hospital, and they didn't have 
any food.  But the seniors missionary couple and the bishop brought them some food.

The trash mountain area is doing a little bit better, but we are still trying to strengthen the
members that live there. One of the member's needed to move his house, so we went there 
with a group of partially drunk guys and some priesthood holders from the ward and 
picked up the house and moved it to a slightly different location. (see photos) 

So news about transfer calls, my companion and I stay the same and I will be sending 
him home in six weeks. So my streak continues! Every companion for two transfers. 
And I wouldn't be surprised if I train after this because there is a huge group of new 
missionaries coming in next transfer. 
Moving this house.

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