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Monday, September 1, 2014

Five Per Month, That's All We Ask. Pictures of Rain.

Well another good week! This week was actually pretty solid, we are finding 
some good investigators, and I am excited to see them start to improve. Last zone
training a big focus was that God is preparing at least five people in each persons 
area per month, and so we need to find the five. And I feel like we have found at least 
five that are being prepared. Two we found a few weeks back we taught lesson one 
but then they got busy (they kinda have an on-call job), but they said in September 
come back. So now it is September so we will follow up on them this week. So remember 
the Dan Jones story, well we followed up with him. We started teaching him and then 
his uncle came, and after we taught the first lesson he said he had a dream. He saw Jesus 
and he handed him a white robe. This is the first he has ever had a dream like that, and 
then three days later we contacted him. So that is way awesome--we meet him again 
tomorrow and I am excited for that. Last night an investigator we have had for a while 
started progressing again. He said he loved what he learned at church and that he wants 
to be ready for baptism by the 14th. The reason he hasn't already been baptized is 
because he said he wasn't really excited or desired to be baptized and wasn't determined 
the serve Christ "to the end." But last night he said he would really try to pray and 
read the scriptures to be ready by the 14th, and he said it himself so I think he will be 
ready. Another guy, is doing really well. It's just that he and his wife aren't married, 
they did a little buddhist ceremony to be married but they haven't done it according 
to the law. It's so expensive to do. But as soon as that happens he can get baptized. 
He is pretty solid. We met another guy, who seemed so prepared, we taught him the 
first lesson, and he was asking the right questions, he was answering our questions 
really well, and I could tell he understood the gravity of our message. We also meet 
him again Tuesday or Wednesday.
The members at trash mountain are doing alright. The active members are doing better 
and the less actives are doing a little better too. The senior couple holds an addiction 
recovery class at trash mountain at one of the organizations, and two really hard core 
less actives came to that. So that is a good start! 

By the way I really like the senior couple here, I have noticed a thread I like all the 
senior couples, I think it must be that all old people who sacrifice to serve must be 
awesome. :)

Yesterday was ward conference, and we had 132 in attendance.  That was super good. O 
ya best thing! So a young couple we have been teaching for about three weeks came to 
church!!! Ya ya ya! I was super happy. I don't understand them, every time we go teach 
them they don't seem interested at all, and the first few times when we called to schedule 
them I didn't think they would say yes, but every times they say yes and it surprises me, 
but the lessons are getting better. And they came to church! So that is awesome.

Elder Plothow
Moving a house at Trash Mountain.

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

On the way with the senior couple to visit an member really far away.

Outside of Edward's apartment.

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