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Monday, March 24, 2014

Hump Day and a Baptism

Hump Day!
Edward wore this tie entering the MTC in Provo one year ago.  The tie appears to be in good shape, but the pants look like they have biked through a few rain storms.

With a new member of the Church & Elder Kim.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Full-Time Water Now!

There is water for real all day every day! I called the senior couple, and we went to the land owner and finally the landlord installed an extra pump. So now we have water whenever we want it. 
We were talking with the landlord his wife came up to us and said, all of Battambang doesn't have water, then I told her the church has water, and she said only this side of the street. I said the missionaries 3 houses down have water, then she said well only this area next to us, and she said just look and see, and she went over to a pipe on the outside of the house and turned in on and water came gushing out. It was pretty funny.) But that makes life a lot easier, to have water. 

Last monday, we had a lesson fall through and we decided to go to visit a less-active member. We went to the house and the sister said, "Elders I am so glad you are here, I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a hold of you. My son is sick and needs a blessings."  So we gave him a blessing, and then she came to church on Sunday and said ever since the blessing the son started to do better.  It's wonderful to see the work of the Lord!

Phnom Bannan

Monday, March 3, 2014

March! And the Bamboo Railroad.

I can't believe it but it is March! My favorite month of the year. Usually because it is the beginning of Spring, and the cold melts away and the plants start to grow again, etc, etc. But this year because it is my year mark! And my birthday yay! Well anyways, I love March and I am happy it is March. Pretty crazy though, I entered the MTC in March and now it is March again. I honestly can't believe I am at this point. Almost a year mark. Fluent in the language, and a district leader. 

This week, we were super unlucky, and had a lot of things go wrong, and our numbers were significantly lower than last week,   But, we had  3 investigators at church! I think they can all get baptized in March. Even though a lot of things fell through this week we still have 3 investigators who could be baptized this month.

Last night we taught this guy about truly praying to know, and he said he would try, and I when I testified to him I felt the spirit. Times like those are the best ever! Moments like that, honestly make up for all the downs! And I just honestly love being a missionary. 

Spiritual thought of the week: Trials happen no matter what, trials happen. I keep wanting for people to get baptized and all their problems to be swept away.  It does not happen quite like that. But trials do make us better. Even though it is super hard! It helps us. 
Riding the Bamboo Railroad.