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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Great Week of Teaching and Touring a Cave and Temple.

Well this week has been pretty great. The relationship with the comp is growing and we are getting along great.  The work in the area is doing super good. We have a lot of investigators, this week we got 10 new investigators! It was awesome. We contacted this guy about 23ish and he said we could come back and teach him a message about Jesus Christ. The next day we came back and brought 7 of his friends! (that was on Wednessday morning) Then on Friday he brought 2 more! I don't think all of them are super interested, but there is at least 4 or 5 sincerely interested and they are all college aged guys, I am super stoked. They couldn't come to church yesterday cause they went to there friends wedding, but a couple came to English class on wednessday and they said they were super sad that they couldn't come to church but said that next week they would go. So I am super stoked for them! We have 13 investigators with a baptismal date (about 5 of em are the group I just talked about) But only one came to church yesterday :(. But that is okay, I am expecting big numbers next week!  

The water is back! I've have been taking showers again. yay! It goes off every once in a while, usually from 8 to 10 in the morning when we are studying, which is no prob, so that is nice. 
Oh, last pday we went to a wat on a small mountain, (more like a hill) but it was super fun!!!! I forgot how much I loved being outdoors in the wild and hiking. I honestly loved it. It was so fun. I was in heaven. And the monkeys, monks, and cool Buddhist things added to the coolness. And I got some pics.  

Oh ya, today I found bike seat and handles that are nice and long that fit my body it is super nice! I feel like the bike actually fits me it is awesome, I have been trying to find a place for a long time but today I found one. yay! 
The missionaries' apartment. They live in the to two floors. This picture was taken from the  church property.


Sister missionaries and the senior couple from Edmonton, Canada.

The Elders in the zone.

The church is across the street. This picture was taken from Edward's apartment.

A round-about in the center of Battambang.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hot in Batambang

Well another week has gone by, and I am happy to announce that things are going well. Really well. I am not going to lie, I was a little worried about this new area and my new assignment. But honestly things are doing great. Like for real. We follow the rules and our area is doing great. I am super happy. I honestly thought that this would be a super hard transfer, but it is turning out to be a great one. The branch is sicknasty. We have a lot of investigators. I am adjusted now to the new house. (even though we don't have water 80% of the time, showing with a bucket really isn't that bad, and it is a fun experience to have.) It is super awesome. Elder Kim is a good missionary. So I am happy. Sad news, our recent convert just went to Thailand from anywhere from 1 to 2 years, :(. But she promised she would come back and continue going to church. but her husband is staying, which is good. But it was cool, the husband was talking last night, and said, "Even though right now I am super busy and I need to go to Phnom Penh a lot, I know that this church is true. Because when we all went to church I could feel harmony in our family." so that is super cool. 

Today we our going to hike a mountain, called Phnom Sopouv. Im excited I think it will be fun. The downside is that we can't see the coolest part, which is at dusk thousands of bats fly out, but that is okay, it will still be fun to hang out with the zone, and climb a mountain, I'll for sure get pictures of that.
It has been a lot hotter in Battambong. A couple days ago, I walked outside of the house and before I finished putting the lock on the door I was sweating :). 
More photos next week.

Monday, February 3, 2014

First Week in Battambang.

Well this week was great. Last few days in Ta Khmau were good, a little sad, a lot of good byes, but I was ready to leave. I was there almost a half a year. Longer than the MTC and KC combined. So I was ready for a new environment and a new look of things. I will miss Elder Brittain though.

So Battambong is great! It is a lot smaller and less city-like than I thought, in fact, not that city-like at all. There are few big buildings, and city or modern things, which is cool. I like that. The branch is great. It is super strong, a lot of awesome families! (Strong families are the best!) and a lot of awesome members. We had 106 in attendance yesterday, and they all said that was a low day, which is great. 

But the area is here is great! A lot of work to do, we had 5 investigators come to church, we are going to baptize a family this Sat. The branch is great! The area is great! In the house there are four elders. The other two are Elder Jensen. He is super super friendly.  He is super nice and I really like him. The other is Elder Kaiuv. He is native, kinda quiet and keeps to himself. He is cool. The church in Battambang is new and big and nice, it is right next to the main part of the city, on the main highway. Close to the round about with a giant guy with a rod. 

Round about in Ta Khmau

With a member in Ta Khmau.