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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

RC Work

Hello everybody! (that is what all the little kids say to me as I ride by, I am not sure why, I think they learn it in school or something).  This week I saw a really tall white guy riding his bike in the middle of a Cambodian community away from touristy stuff, and I thought to myself, "wow he looks way out of place." A little bit later I thought again, "Wow, that is what everyone thinks of me! haha" 
Anyways another good week in SMC, time is flying so fast.  This Sunday is transfer calls! I feel like I just got into SMC but it has been over four weeks already. But it has got to the point were I know most of the members and I know where we are going....most of the time. This is the smallest area in the mission but I feel it is harder to remember all the roads, because a. everything looks the same, b. the roads have no order to it.  It really is like a maze. But I am getting it down, if Elder Khlot leaves I would be able to handle things, but I don't think he will. He only has one transfer left, and he has been in SMC 3 transfers already, and 4 transfers isn't too umcommon, so I bet he'll stay. But I hope he stays, he is super mellow, and that is nice. And if he stays my every comp for 2 transfer streak continues! 

So a really big group just ended their mission, (they ended 2 weeks early so they could get ready for school). And so now there is only two American groups above him, one that is just one transfer above my group, and we were with each other in the MTC and so pretty much we are the same group. And one above them, and in that group there is a total of one elder. And there Elder Khlot's group that has a total of 2 people. So besides the group only one transfer above me, there are only 4 or 5 missionaries older than me. That seems amazing to me!
So most of the work we are doing is recent convert (RC) strengthening.  A while back there was a huge boom of missionary work in this area. So most of what we do is RC stuff. And there are all types of RC's we have, some awesome, some struggling, and some totally lost everything. So it is a fun adventure. Investigator wise we only have 2 progressing. They are both doing well, we are hoping one. We hope one gets baptized in two weeks, and the other in about 3 or 4 weeks. He is a boss, he is doing really well.  The first time he came to church was 3 weeks ago for his baby blessing, and ever since he has been coming. He is doing really well. The couple we found last week just got busy (his job is an on call basis, so somtimes he is super busy and sometimes is is free all the time) but he is still cool, and he said we could come back in September.

We are spending a lot of time contacting, and we are not really getting good results. But we continue trying. :) In Battambong I feel like people were easier to get return appointments but I don't know. 

Just know that I am very happy and I love my mission.

Elder Plothow

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