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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Adventure Continues

"Well, the adventure continues in Cambodia. This week was pretty good. Yesterday we had 3 investigators come to sacrament meeting! Whoot whoot! The highest I have ever had in TaKhmau. So that was sweet! The three were Bong Ciang, Lookpu Bora, and Sokran. And because of that Ciang, and Sokran will get baptized next week. Sokran is a 11 year old girl and her family is already members.  Ciang is good. He keeps our commitments, of the five weeks since he accepted baptism he has come to church 3 times the two times he missed was one he went to visit his parents a ways away, and the other was district conference in Phnom Penh which was kind of far."

"So we have this one area about 45 min bike ride south away from the church, that has about 7 families, that all live with next to each other. It is called Kauh, Ko (cow island) this is where Sokran lives. Well on Sat, when he went this one member gave us four people who wanted to learn about the gospel. At first I was stoked, 4 people, awesome! But then I started to realize they where all mothers with newly born babies, and that the lady talked about how the senior couple gave away free milk for babies and how expensive milk is, so I put 2 and 2 together and we have four new mothers who want free milk! Ugh..... I am not sure what we are going to do.  Because actually if you are an active member with a new child the senior couple will help you get milk. But I don't want to teach people just so they can get milk But I think we are still going to teach them, but just have awesome lessons so that they will truly be converted. "

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Companion in Ta Khamu

"Yesterday and Saturday was district conference, and that was great. Saturday was a huge focus on member and missionaries working together, and so hopefully the members will get excited to help the missionaries. And what was really cool was that two Area Authority Seventy's came. One that I don't know, but the other was Randy Funk, and he just spoke in general conference. So that was sweet. I got to shake his hand, it was a good experience. And this week on Thursday is zone conference! So I am pumped for that too."

Edward and his companion have three investigators who have baptismal dates. They are excited to help them progress toward those dates. Because Edward's companion is new to the area, Edward is responsible to plan the proselyting and teaching. He is looking forward to the challenge.
New companion, Elder Brittan.

Outgoing Ta Khmau district.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Staying in Ta Khmau. Receiving Elder Brittan

Yesterday for church our investigator came to church again! He really is our only truly progressing investigator, but that is okay, the others will start coming, I hope. But he is doing really really well. Last night we met and he said and I quote: "I love reading the scriptures" He also said that he had a great experience at church and he loved the testimonies of the members And he said that at first he was confused at everything we said, but now things are starting to make sense, so that is awesome!"

I am staying in TaKhmau, but Elder Decker is being transfered. My new companion is Elder Brittan from Idaho. I remember him from the MTC. He was one group ahead of me.  I really feel that Elder Brittan and I will just do awesome things, although I am a little nervous but I have a lot of responsibility now and I hope I will be able to fill up our schedule, but I bet Ill do fine.

At a buffet we visit last week.

The wound is healing fine.  Phew!