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Monday, July 29, 2013

Celebrating Pioneer Day & Laying Low During Elections

"So on Friday I had a pretty cool experience. I was able to commit someone to baptism. I have done it before once, but this time after I recited the commitment, I felt a huge rush of the spirit. It was super strong, and super cool. It almost surprised me how strong it was. And she said yes. We have four people who are committed to baptism right now. Three are scheduled for the 11th. They have attended church really well. I have no worries about them. Things are going well."

"We just learned that, because of the unrest caused by the elections, we have to go back to the apartment right after writing letters. But ya overall this week has been pretty good. Nothing super crazy happened."

"On the July 24th, Pioneer Day, we went to a district pioneer party. The Cambodians have a huge party for it. I would have never had thought that they would celebrate it like they do. But that was fun."
Celebrating Pioneer Day with the Kampong Cham District

Campaigning for the national elections.

Biking over the Mekong River.

Rice fields.

Buddist temple in Kampong Cham.

After a little elbow grease...a clean kitchen!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Baptism, Ferry Ride, and Rice Harvest in Kampong Cham

"We had two baptisms this week."

"Many of the people we meet with live in small wooden houses on stilts. Sometimes we meet under the house and sometimes we meet in the house itself. The floor of the house in made of bamboo strips and we can see through to under the house. The foundation is the wooden stilts, just placed on the ground. And many times when we are teaching lessons, sweat is literally dripping down my face and it is just crazy. I am getting better with the language, one word at a time. I usually understand everything that goes on during lessons."
"On P-day and after district meeting we all eat together as a zone. It is usually super fun. We eat at this place called prambei bowen= 8000. Which means 8000 riel. And everything there is 8000 riel which is two bucks--pretty good. It is a lot like Bangkok grill in Orem. There is unlimited rice. And we order a dish. My favorite is this glass noodles, with pork and peanuts, but I also get pineapple pork stuff, and sometimes stir fried veggie, and sometimes soup. Honestly, sometimes I don't know what I eat. But that is all good."

 "This week a miracle happened, we went to the island (the one with the bamboo bridge) but with the rainy season the bridge is down and we have to take the ferry. We were coming back after a lesson and we made it on the last ferry back by less than a minute. It had actually already started to leave but came back to get us. But probably a minute later we would have missed it and been stuck on the island. God is really watching over me--remember the story of the people that brought me my wallet? And I am sure there are other things that I don't even realize. But God is taking care of me. It reminded me of the impression I received in the MTC, 'I am thy God and will still give thee aid' God is with me and is protecting me, that I know."

"It has rained almost every day this week. Remember I said it wasn't that muddy, well I take it back; this week has been super muddy, and lots of rain."

Waiting for the ferry--the only way to the island during the rainy season.
The ferry!
On the ferry, crossing the Mekong.

Harvesting rice with the Kampong Cham Zone.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Transfer 2 in Kampong Cham

This last week was good. Monday and Tuesday last week my companion went to the city for some training. And I went with Elder Hong, he is Cambodian. He is a super cool guy. Super nice.  Thursday we did some service. We may have a new investigator. I contacted him on Tuesday. Then we met him Friday. The first lesson was going really well, but then his dad came home and he said that we should probably go, but said that we could come back. Cross your fingers. We were supposed to have 3 baptisms next Sunday! But one didn't come to church yesterday, and he has only come once before that, so we will have to postpone him. But, oh well, most of our investigators came to church yesterday, so that is good. :) And two of them stayed for all 3 hours, I have high hopes for them.
On a split with Elder Hong in Kampong Cham over the Mekong River.

Kampong Cham traffic.

Elder Dilworth on July 4th.

Kampong Chan missionaries at Elder & Sister Dilworth's apartment on the 4th.

In Kampong Cham. The oft-traveled bridge of the Mekong River is in the rear of the picture.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Good Week in KC

"Our church meetings are pretty good. We have a lot of inactives and semi actives. So each week is a roller coaster seeing everyone that came, and trying to get them to stay for all three hours. We lose one third to a half of the people after the first hour.  I am understanding the language more and more and trying to understand the main message people are sharing. Church is good."
At the church with Elder Warr from Salem, Utah who is his way home after an honorable mission.

Doing service...pulling weeds.

The little girl standing in front and Puu standing to Edward's left are being baptized. The branch president is pictured wearing glasses.