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Monday, October 28, 2013

Great Investigator, "Special" Meat, & Wound Recovery

I went on an exchange with Elder Vore. Saturday night we biked an hour away to this place called Bah Kuu, and it was very pretty. I'll send some pics. Oh, and there I ate dog...a lot. I didn't know it was dog till afterward. The dog was actually pretty good, not of the missionaries were touching the bowl the dog was in, and I was like to myself, "well, I guess I'll just eat it", and it was good so I ate most of the bowl that nobody else would touch. Afterwards they told me it was "special" meat, that is what they call dog meat. haha

 This is the awesome miracle story of the week. We contacted a man about a month and a half ago and he said we could come back and share a message. When we first started teaching him he said that he could never go to church but we could teach him. He owns a little shop where he fixes bikes and sells food and treats. Whenever we teach him, during the entire lesson we have to stop and and he goes helps customers and then he comes back and we continue. (shows that nobody is too busy to learn) I love this guy. Elder Vore and I taught a killer Plan of Salvation and committed him to baptism. I honestly didn't know what he would say, there was a very very big chance he would say no way! But he said, "yes, I believe what you teach me, and want to do what you say", then said, "what do I need to do". We said, "go to church", and he said, "what time does it start?" And we told him, then we left. I was super happy, but a lot of people have told me that they will go to church and haven't. But yesterday he came!!!!!!!! Miracle. Shows the power of the Holy Ghost, there is no way he would have come without the Holy Ghost. Him coming to church was really a miracle. I always thought he could do it, but I knew it would be hard. So happy about him.  

Bah Kuu, about an hour's bike ride from Ta Khmau.

I am actually supposed to clean it myself every two days, so today at night I will clean it and replace the bandage. But this is a lot smaller than it was at first. and the white stuff is the anti bacterial stuff they put on. (I think)  And yes, it is a little scary, I wasn't  worried at all (I thought the doctors were taking way too many precautions) until about now (ha, ha) everyone is making a big deal. I'll definitely be very careful with it.

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