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Monday, October 14, 2013

Good Investigator to Church, Companion's Birthday, and a Sore Leg

Yesterday we had one investigator come to church, so we are still kinda struggling with our investigators but the one who came is a new investigator and is very interested. She is a niece to another investigator and listened to our Plan of Salvation lesson, and then she came to church, I was super surprised to see her there, and super happy. 
This week is that I went on an exchange with Elder Stanley. It was in my area so I was pretty much senior comp. We met with a few people, and we found a really old member who has been inactive for over 10 years but his kids might learn. And at the end of the day I was able to do all the tasks that missionaries are supposed to do, meaning my language skills are now good enough where I could be by myself and still do everything I do now. So with the language I feel pretty good. But still working hard so I can speak clearly.

Elder Decker's birthday was this week and we had pizza. It was really good. There some nice restaurants in Cambodia. 

Remember my old cyst on my leg. Well, it is getting bigger and is red and it hurts really bad when I touch it.  I'm going to ask Sister Moon, the mission president's wife, today.  I will probably have to get it removed.

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