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Sunday, November 23, 2014

YOSO & the Meals I Eat

Well this was a good week. For the first time since Elder Asay arrived we went a whole week without either of us getting sick. 

On Saturday we got a really cool new investigator.  He had a ton of questions and he really didn't let us teach, but just had all these questions. He is a thinker. He is able to think past just work eat, sleep, work; eat, sleep, work--which a lot of Cambodians just can't get past at all. But he was just super cool and I can tell he is really searching for something good. He says every religion has its pluses and minuses, and he wants to take the best of all of it and make one religion. Of course he knows that can't happen, but he is definitely teachable and seems to have potential.  He is the one that scheduled a return appointment with us, and I love when that happens. 

Friday Elder Asay and I did a YOSO day, something Elder Asay came up with which means "You Only Serve Once!" We wanted to be more like Alma, Peter, and Paul and truly declare repentance and contact with all our hearts.  So on Thursday we both fasted and Friday was great. It was one of the most successful contacting days I have ever had. We had a lot of return appointments, and phone numbers of interested people. We already have a new investigator from it. So that was fun. 

We have two investigators in Trash Mountain whose wives and kids are recent converts and they want to be baptized too. But they smoke and drink. But recently they have been doing a lot better. They both came to church yesterday. One has been a super heavy drinker. For the past year or so he has been decreasing a lot. Then about three weeks ago he fell back and started drinking more again.  When he was drunk he hit his wife and kids, and they finally got sick of it and left for about a week and took everything. I guess that awoke something in him and he prayed really hard and finally truly committed himself to stop drinking. So he has been clean for about 2 weeks now. And last week his wife came back, and they are doing really well, but he is still smoking two cigarettes a day but he is working on it. :) 

Another investigator didn't come to church this week, and we think that we are going to postpone his baptism. We are now shooting for December 14. 

Last night we met with two recent converts who are cousins but for the past little bit they haven't been doing so well. Last night we talked about praying, reading, and going to church--the three basics. They said when they did those things it made all the difference and really helped their lives have more peace and happiness. The Spirit was super strong and it was a really great experience! So do the small things! They make a big difference. 
Here are some photos of some meals we eat.

Stir fried tomatos. We made this ourselves!

Our own cooking!

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