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Monday, November 10, 2014

Bon Om Tuk

So this week was Om Tuk, which is probably the third biggest holiday in Cambodia. It celebrates the end of the rainy season and the reversal of the Tonle Sap River.  To celebrate all the major Wats (temples) bring a really long boat two people wide and about 20 people long. And race each other at Phnom Penh. I wasn't able to see it in person but the mission president showed us a video and it was cool.

Our investigator pool is looking up. Yes, we gain and lose investigators a lot. But we have finally got a few that seem to stick. Our most positive investigator right now is a very quiet and sober man. Doesn't talk much. But he has kept every commitment we have given him. And he is 2 for 2 for church attendance. Right now he has a date for November 30th which I think he will be ready for. His aunt just got baptized with the sisters yesterday. 

We have a new couple we have been teaching for a couple weeks.  One is the son of a recent convert at trash mountain. They are gaining faith and doing very well. They aren't ready to go to church or to commit to baptism, but they both said since we started teaching them, they have felt more love, less anger and he drinks less (didn't even teach about the Word of Wisdom yet) and they are just overall happier. She got a new job but said she would ask for sundays off to learn and maybe go to church. They are really cool. I love it so much when people feel a change in their life!!! IT IS THE BEST!!!! 
Another investigator is still doing well, he is so solid, not able to come to church because he was out of town but still doing well. As soon as he is married he'll get baptized. 
We are teaching another man and his daughter. His wife and other daughter are recent converts. His only problem is drinking and smoking. And he is trying to get rid of that. We are not going to baptize him until he has quit for a good while. 
Another young man is fifteen years old. His mom is a less active, recent convert. He is super nice just has problems coming to church but yesterday he did come so that is solid. 
So these are the investigators we have been teaching for a solid while. More than just one or two lessons. 
But yesterday we taught a new guy. Very potential. It was one of the best first lessons I have ever taught. We taught him yesterday morning. 
A less active we have been working on for a while finally came to church and paid tithing so that was great. 

So now it is raining pretty much every day. And the streets are flooded a lot. Especially the one in front of our house. It is always flooded. So everyday our goals is to make it past our road without getting our feet wet. Sometimes we win, sometimes we have wet feet all day. :( But anyway, one night after a long hard day of work we were biking home through our flooded street (by the way, has potholes all over the place so I am taking dips and ups all the time and when it is flooded we can't see where they are) but I was biking and I my front wheel started going down. And I expected it to stop falling, but it didn't. And it just kept falling and falling until I went flying off my bike. It turns out I peddled into a big drain pipe and I flew off my bike and into the flooded street. Good times haha. But the bike was fine and I wasn't going very fast so it wasn't a problem, just a funny story. 

Wednesday, because of the holiday, we had meeting at the mission home all day so that was fun. And English class went well. Elder Asay was sick on Thursday so we stayed home all day. I had pretty much a two day break. :) 

Yesterday we visited a really active, awesome member who was sick and had no food. That was kinda sad. These people have hard lives. He is one of the coolest members ever. We blessed him and then he said, "Elder, the prophets were right, I should have collected my food storage, if I had I wouldn't be in this problem." He wasn't complaining or mad at God or anything, but he felt bad he hadn't done better. So that showed a lot of faith. 

We are giving a lot of blessings, and a lot of people are being healed. God's work is really amazing. 

I am loving life, the mission is great. Elder Asay and I are getting a long really well. I enjoy training much better than a zone leader. 

This is a picture similar to one Maggie sent from Chile. The sign in her picture read, "Smile"(see below). This one reads, "Do Not Litter".

This is a random image taken from the internet showing the Bon Om Tuk celebration.

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