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Monday, September 29, 2014

Baptism, Waiting Out the Holiday in the Rain

Well, another great week. It was kind of slow because Tues-Thurs was the big holiday so everyone was gone. But still great. Wednesday was zone conference and it was really good. Pres moon talked a lot about faith and other things. He talked about how we are serving the King, the Most High. The King who has power over everything. It was a very cool thought that I am the minister and servant of the most powerful being of the universe! Pretty great.
Elder Khlot and I taught for 15 minutes on how to effectively work with members. It was good. Tomorrow we meet with the president and all the other zone leaders again for October even though it is still September. And the AP's want me to teach how to use time wisely in the context of street contacting.

Yesterday we had a baptism! He has been learning with the elders for about six months or more. But he is now a member of the restored gospel! It was a good service and he was definitely ready for it. 

So we still have a lot of new investigators in the beginning stage and didn't really have a chance to meet them again because of the holiday. But this week we are hoping to meet with them. One of our good investigators wants to stop learning because he has a new job and said he doesn't have enough money to get married to get baptized, but I think he will come around. His job requires him to work out of town for a full month, so hopefully when he comes back he will want to meet again. 
More rain, that is always fun :) 

This Sunday is transfer calls, and it is going to be big. I don't know what is going to happen, but most likely I will train, because there are 30 new missionaries. So we will have a lot of trainers. Last monday we taught the first lesson to the guy I talked about last time, and it was pretty good, but he was very hesitant and didn't seem too excited to keep learning, but we will see what happens.

We recieved some new investigators who are relatives to members, and they all came to church on Sunday, so that was great. Referral investigators are usually so much better--the support system is very important. 

On Saturday, we planned all these lessons and I thought they would all happen. The one guy who was our back-up plan we didn't even plan for because we thought there was no way we could meet met us. We ended up teaching him. It is funny how that happens and he has potential. We taught the plan of salvation, but he believes in reincarnation and the idea of a perfect ressurrection was very new to him, but we just told him he had to pray to know. He agreed to do that. We'll see.

Well not too many stories this week, but it was good. But the Lord is hastening is work, and I feel that Cambodia is about to explode! 

Picking up some fried rice and noodles on the way home for the day.
Yes, more rain.

A partial selfie with some chickens going to market.

Chillin' in the rain. Where's Noah?

Waiting for Noah with Elder Khlot.

Phnom Penh South Zone.

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