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Monday, December 9, 2013

"Winter" in Cambodia

Well first off, Merry Christmas! I can't believe it is snowing in Utah, that is sooo crazy!  Last night biking home after our last appointment it was one my coldest moments in Cambodia, and it felt like a cool late August early September evening probably around 65 degrees or so, and all the natives were freezing, it felt nice. The weather the last couple of weeks has been really nice, still hot, but not blasting hot. 

This week has been great. Elder Brittain and I just get along great. And this week we taught at two new English classes. The first one is professional and we teach for an hour and at the end can give about a 10 minute spiritual thought. We told about Joseph Smith and asked if anyone wanted a Book of Mormon, and 6 people raised their hand, we were about to get some of their info but the teacher said we couldn't. So next time we will just write our number on the board and and tell people to call it. But we have another English class we went to, it is actually a cool story. So we were escorting a member home after helping us in a lesson, and afterwards we stopped to contact this lady before heading home, but while I was contacting her, another guy who was a former investigator came and talked to E. Brittain, and said he wants us to teach at his English class at his house and we could share "the news from the Gods". So the next day we did, and about 7 of them really were interested. We went again, and the number went down to about 4 interested. But that is still great. And we taught two of them yesterday and they accepted baptism and  came to church for all three hours, so I think they are the only ones really interested, but that is still great. Two new investigators. 

Public Transportation

Family Home Evening

Elder Brittain, on the way to an investigator's house.

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