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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Branch Christmas Party (Sorry No Photos)

Well another week has gone by in good ol' Cambodia. This was a pretty good week, ups and downs like always but good. Sat was the branch Christmas celebration we were at the church all day cause E. Brittain was helping everyone with their Christmas skits, because he is amazing at the piano. The Christmas party was fun, a lot of people came. Two less actives we have been working with came, didn't come to church yesterday, but I was still happy to see them come to the party. Around 7:00 there was a dance.  At the beginning there was this really scary rap music playing, and I was hating it, finally I asked the branch pres, "do you like this?" he said, "honestly no, do you?" I said, "not at all".  Then without saying anything else the branch president went to the dj's and told them to play less scary music. I felt it was the Emperors New Clothes, nobody liked it, but nobody wanted to say anything. 

Investigator update
 A new investigator is amazing! He said he has wanted to join for a long time, but he has never had the courage to ask anybody, but he finally did. We taught him and he accepted baptism. He said that a new life has come into his life and that he used to get mad really easy and now he doesn't. He is seriously the perfect investigator. Every time we teach him a principle he says, "what do I need to do to apply this in my life."After we taught him the Atonement he said, "how can I show my appreciation for this." It is incredible. 

Another investigator is also incredible, she is getting baptized next week. So we hand out a lot of pamphlets with our number on them about the restoration, and her little brother got a hold of one, and told her about it. And she became interested and called us! And just to let you know, that seriously never happens, when they actually call us. And she said she prayed really hard to know if God was really there, and then two days later we showed up. Pretty cool.

Another young man and young woman 25, 27 didn't come to church this week :( But they came to the Christmas party and brought five of their friends! 

Another, 24, is new after about 6 weeks of trying to meet, we finally met him, taught him the first lesson, and committed him to baptism, he accepted! It was an awesome lesson. He was super interested in the Joseph Smith part, because he told us he wondered why there were so many Christian churches. But he didn't come to church :( but next week hopefully. 
Love you all so much! Merry Christmas!
Love, Edward

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