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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Baptism, Thanksgiving, Too Hot for Christmas

"Yesterday we had two baptisms!  Testimony after the baptism was good. He said that his sins are now washed away, and that he knows he is supposed to follow the commandments for the rest of his life."

"Thanksgiving in Cambodia was fun! Every Thursday morning we do weekly planning, so we just did that then went to eat at the senior couples. They had ham sandwiches, jello and coleslaw, it was very yummy. We all shared what we were grateful for that we didn't realize we had gratitude for, but since coming on the mission we do. And I shared my awesome family! Obvious I was grateful before I just didn't realize how much I love you all so much!"

"Afterwards we just went out proselyting again, it honestly felt like a normal day. That night we shared the First Vision with a bunch of slightly drunk dudes who offered us beer. We denied but they kept offering then I said, actually we teach people not to drink beer, so then they gave us 7Up instead. But after we shared a little about Jesus and Joseph Smith they said we could come back a later day and share more, but not sure; they were a little drunk."
"What is going on? My mind is so confused! Why is it so hot in Dec? For me it still feels like July!  And actually Dec is like the coolest month, haha."
Thanksgiving Day, 2013

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