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Thursday, September 26, 2013

No changes, Fish eyes, and Fishing.

So transfer calls were yesterday and.... everything is the same; no changes.  

This week was good. We started teaching a former investigator and she is really interested. And we had 100 people at church yesterday which is great! So the branch is doing well. It feels like I just got to Ta Khmau but, it has already been six weeks. Nuts. Crazy. 

Cool things that happened. Last week the mission president came and had breakfast and studies with the district, they brought pancakes and yummy eggs :). It was fun. I ate fish for the first time since forever last week. It wasn't terrible. I ate a fish eyeball, that was nasty, the texture was all slimy, the taste was fine, but I almost gagged cause I was thinking about it too much. Elder Decker was sick last Saturday so I took a nap, first nap in the country! And sunday I cooked, some fried noodles. It was scrumptious.  Your son is learning how to make food. (And more that just pb&j.) :)

Yay for Christine and Lyndon, that is soo awesome, love the name. Very excited for their new baby. General conference is coming up soon so that will be fun, but we watch it about 4 or 3 weeks after it comes out.  

Life is good. I wake up, stretch. Eat, study, go preach, come back eat, go out preach some more, come home. Plan, write in my journal and repeat. It is great, it finally feels natural, not like this is a weird lifestyle, no it just feels like life. O ya baby. 

Well love you all so much, it was great to hear from you! Love you sooo much! 
One of our investigator grows bananas. yum!

Rainy season at the Mekong River in Ta Khmau.

From a porch of an investigators. Awsome tie!

On Tuk Tuk. 

Caught no fish, perhaps Edward is a better fisher of men.

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