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Monday, September 16, 2013

Baptism, Political Protests, Missionary Transportation, & Soccer

Yesterday we had a baptism, Moy Li. It was a good ceremoney I was asked to give a talk 5 min before it happened, so I gave a short talk about the Holy Ghost and Baptism. It went well, it was short but I felt the spirit.  

So, there is a riot in Phnom Penh today, It is supposed to be a peaceful protest, but it is big, and you never know what might break out. And we are not allowed to go into the city today, we can only stay in TaKhmau, which I am happy about, usually P days we are always in a rush to do things and it isn't relaxing at all. But today will be relaxing, so I am happy about that. 

In Cambodia there are a lot of less actives. They all received a testimony and were baptised but the less actives are not truly converted. That used to worry me a lot. But I was reading in Alma 32 about the seed of faith, and I thought, the seed of the gospel is always good and perfect. And if it is planted and nourished with care it will grow and produce blessings. But so many people plant the seed and are baptised but just stop nourishing it, until it is dead. This is no fault to the pureness and goodness of the seed or gospel, but the fault is just the lack of nourishment. 

Things with me are going well. And they will just continue getting better. Love you all so much. The gospel it true. The Holy Ghost truly is the comforter! I have felt it. This is the church of the living Jesus Christ! I know it! Love you all so much.
Moy Li and Elder Decker

Missionary Transportation. 

Friends from church.

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