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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Settling In At Ta Khmau

We have 3 investigators in Ta Khmau. All are doing well. Our branch has a lot of less active members, so most of our work is strengthening the members. But we are also trying to find new investigators.

Last week the branch president told me I was giving a talk from the stand during sacrament meeting. But by the time it was my turn the time was up so I just bore my testimony and talked  a little about the sacrament. That was fun.

I really like our branch president he is super nice. My name in Cambodian is spoken like Plow-Tow. And in Cambodian Plow means street or way. And Tow means nothing but trow means correct. So everyone calls me Plow-Trow which means the right way. So I really like that obviously.

Living near the Phnom Penh is cool. I am on the outskirts so not really in the city, but last p-day we went to the city and rode our bikes around and it was really fun riding in Phnom Penh. We saw a lot of cool things, it was fun. My bike is super small, curse my long skinny legs!! But today we are going to get a taller seat so that will help.

The streets are a lot busier. Sometimes we park our bikes at the church and walk places. There are no cross walks, and when I cross the road I feel like Mulan's grandma when she has the cricket and crosses the street.

At an ancient temple site near Kampong Cham.

The Kampong Cham missionary district.

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