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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Investigators & District Conference

This week was good, we got five new investigators! One was a son of an investigator who is already learning, and four others were from street contacting. The four are very interested in the gospel, and they want to learn more. They aren't sure if they want to join, but they are giving it a shot. So let's hope the Spirit touches their hearts and they believe what we say.  One of the lessons to the new investigators we had an awesome member present with us and he helped the investigator better understand what we were saying.

Sunday and Saturday were district conference. President and Sister Moon came, along with an Area Seventy, Elder Juan, (pronounced ron) It was pretty good. Last year there were 250 in attendance this year 350, so that is great. The church is growing, and that isn't even counting 30 people that live a ways out that usually come to church and wanted to come but the van that usually picks them up for some reason or another didn't come. After the meetings Elder Juan talked to all the recent converts and focused a lot on callings, because only 9 out of the 80 new converts had callings. 

Son of the branch president.
The tops of Phnom Pros & Pros Srei off in the distance.

It's not easy taking a self-portrait while walking on a berm between two rice fields.

It's not easy to take a self-portrait while riding down a country road!

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