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Monday, July 29, 2013

Celebrating Pioneer Day & Laying Low During Elections

"So on Friday I had a pretty cool experience. I was able to commit someone to baptism. I have done it before once, but this time after I recited the commitment, I felt a huge rush of the spirit. It was super strong, and super cool. It almost surprised me how strong it was. And she said yes. We have four people who are committed to baptism right now. Three are scheduled for the 11th. They have attended church really well. I have no worries about them. Things are going well."

"We just learned that, because of the unrest caused by the elections, we have to go back to the apartment right after writing letters. But ya overall this week has been pretty good. Nothing super crazy happened."

"On the July 24th, Pioneer Day, we went to a district pioneer party. The Cambodians have a huge party for it. I would have never had thought that they would celebrate it like they do. But that was fun."
Celebrating Pioneer Day with the Kampong Cham District

Campaigning for the national elections.

Biking over the Mekong River.

Rice fields.

Buddist temple in Kampong Cham.

After a little elbow grease...a clean kitchen!

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