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Monday, June 16, 2014

Planned Baptisms

Well great news:  this coming Saturday we have two baptisms planned. They are both doing really well, really well, and will be baptized this Saturday. They both came to a baptism last Saturday and liked it. 

Yesterday we taught two first lessons to people who have never been taught before. One of them after he prayed for the first time said he felt calm and clear in his heart. And he was super interested in learning more. The second was very involved the entire lesson, and after we taught about Joseph Smith without even committing her, she said, I want to pray and ask. I really want to ask. And she even said, "When are you going to come back and teach me?" Which was super awesome. Usually we have to convince them. So that was cool. 

We ended this week with a lot of lessons again, so we are doing really well. We just have to be patient.

Well last off, but most importantly: HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

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