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Monday, June 23, 2014

Baptism & Pictures

First off last Saturday and Sunday we had a baptism. Just one but that is okay. Getting ready for the service was kinda chaotic cause there was also another baptism from another branch so we didn't really know who was in charge of it till the last second so of course the missionaries get to do. And five min before we started we realized the piano had no cord, so we had to run home and get it, for the service. But once it got started it went really well. Our investigator had a great experience and is doing well. Turns out his girlfriend in Phnom Penh is already a member. Cool. After his baptismal interview the zone leader said that he answered the questions better than anyone he had ever interviewed. So that was cool. He was honestly a super awesome investigator, I mean he did learn with the sisters 7 years ago. 

The other person that was supposed to get baptized wanted to postpone a week, cause his sister in law and her daughter from siem riap also want to get baptized too. So this weekend we have 3 more baptisms planned. In our branch one of the biggest families has a son-in-law who is one of those ready to be baptized. And another is the  last child who hasn't yet been baptized, and her daughter. She is super adorable. We teach them a lot, and those lessons are super fun, cause there are a bunch of kids all over the place, and they are all adorable. 

Yesterday was a great day at church, we had 7 investigators come! Highest ever. Another man came who wants to change his life, so far he is doing well, and he is gaining a testimony. Another man came who we have been working with forever, and he finally came! Whoot whoot! He is the guy that got the answer that the Book of Mormon is true, but he hasn't been able to come to church, but then he came. 

So great day at church. And other investigators are starting to do better as well. We had one who is a school teacher. Before she believed in three different religions. Hinduism, Buddism and some sort of Chinese ancestry religion. But yesterday we taught her about serviing just one master and just one God. And just really understood it, and she even admitted that prayer and the Book of Mormon have blessed her life, she still wasn't ready to accept a baptismal date but she said that she would pray and read about it. 

Hiking last week was super fun. There is this cave, that has nature water dripping off the rocks that is clean and I drank some :). Members also fed me some snake. Hmmm slimey yet satisfying. Thailand is finally sick of the 400,000 or so illegal Cambodian immigrants and now is sending them back by the truckload, literally. All the time I see trucks full of Cambodians, coming back from Thailand. 

It is raining a lot more, which is fun. This past week I reached my 15th month mark. 
A local member picking a coconut for the missionaries.

Sister missionaries and senior couple in a Tuk Tuk.

Phnom Somphov (Boat Mountain)

Yup, I can't read Chinese.

Dragon Fruit tree, yum! 
A view from Phnom Somphov

Pirate themed English class

Elder Jensen, Sister Davies, Sister Fife with Edward. All four started their missions in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. Elder Jensen is now home.

A home-made snake skin drum.

An identical picture was taken a few months ago during the dry season. All the trees were then brown and without leaves.

Two new converts at their baptism. 

The alley way behind their apartment. 

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