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Monday, January 20, 2014

Many Investigators At Church

Yesterday we had 5 investigators come to church! I think that is the highest I have ever gotten. So that was cool. One of them was a milk lady, ya. So that is pretty cool. But the sad thing is that our golden investigator didn't come to church, we were planning on baptizing him this coming sunday but now we have to postpone it :(, and by this may be my last sunday in TaKhmau. Good news, Bora came again! Three weeks in a row, after 6 months of teaching him I think he will actually get baptized! All of the investigators from English class have stopped learning.  Next week Nisaay is going to get baptized (Tib's little bro) he is a boss, I am excited for that. 

This week we got 3 new investigators, and they are all pretty good. One came to church yesterday, and already has strong faith, the other two are very interested, we'll see what happens. 

Also last week we were at home for p-day and were both feeling a little lazy and didn't want to go out to go get hair cuts (cause we forgot earlier and really needed them.)  So we just cut each others hair, and it actually turned out well. 

Because of service, sickness, and meeting with the president, by thursday morning we only had two lessons, but we pulled out 17 by the end of the week. 
Elder Plothow
A reunion of the former members of the MTC district at the Christmas mission conference.
Riding a lmont on the way to the Christmas mission conference. Looks like all the missionaries ride girls bikes with fake wicker baskets.  

Couldn't pass up snapping a picture of this Christmas tree at Luckies.

"Could have gone around but it would have taken an extra 20 minutes. Beside, it was fun."

Thrashing rice.

A funeral tent set up on the side of the road.

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