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Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Good Week in Ta Khmau.

Well another week has gone by here in TaKhmau. This was a very fun week. Things are going great. Things with the comp are awesome! Comp study is always fun gospel discussions about what we studied, super fun. I am excited to go to a new area because I have been in this one longer than the MTC and KC combined. 

Church yesterday was good no complaints, we had three investigators come! Tib's little brother Nisaay, Tib's cousins Piarome, and Bora! I have been teaching Bora since coming to TaKhmau and this is the first week he has come 2 weeks in a row! Whoot whoot. During church a guy fainted, and all the members were going crazy, but it all turned out well. 

Elders Stanley and Choi found this one guy who was interested in why Americans are in Cambodia. And he said we could come visit it him at his house (just for fun, not to learn), he is in our area so on Friday night when a few lessons fell through and we had nothing to do, we went and paid him a visit, he invited us into his house (his house is super big and nice, and cool) during the conversation we told him that sometimes we go to a far area called Kah Koh, (we go there once a week, it is about 12 or 15 kilos away, and has about 20 members there, but Thib, and her family live out there) anyways he said one day he would want to accompany us. (he likes biking for exercise) Then I said, "we are going tomorrow if you would like to come." He agreed and came, he listened in to some of our lessons, and afterwards said he wants to become a member. I am not sure how serious he is, but hey how cool is that? 

Making the most of a moto.

Member missionaries.

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