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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 5 in Kampong Cham

July 1, 2013
"I am super happy! The language is getting better, some days I feel like I know it well.  I have learned a ton in 3 months, and just think how much more I can learn in 3 more. So this week was really good with investigators. Yesterday alone we got three new investigators, and for the week we got four. And yesterday all our investigators came to church except for one, which is awesome, I was super happy about that. For the next few weeks we will have lots of investigator lessons, which are always the best. We are teaching one guy whom I personally contacted. We taught him at the church on Sunday. We shared a message about the Book of Mormon and the First Vision. Our branch church meetings were directly after the lesson, and he stayed for all three hours--awesome."

"Well, I bought a new bike. It is so nice, the last one I had was terrible so I just bought a new one, and it is super nice not to have to worry about my bike everyday! Super nice. 
Everything in Cambodia is going great. I bought some pancake mix and made some--yum! And french toast--yum! This week I am going to try to make some beans. Wish me luck!"

"Well this is the last week of transfers, and yes, I am staying in KC with Elder Mundt. Oh yes, I am healthy and happy."
Discovered this in the neighborhood while waiting for the bike to be fixed (again).

Between thunder storms on the way to teaching a lesson to a man who is scheduled for baptism next week.

Missionaries, young women from the branch, and folks for whom service was done.

Helped this woman repair her fence to keep the cows out of the field.

Hungry enough to eat a .......! Yes, mom, the stinger is gone.

About right here is a colony of red biting ants!

Taking a break on the old bike after fixing the fence.

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