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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Baptism & Transfer To Siem Reap

Yesterday we had a baptism! She is great. So the story of how we found her. So we got a referral from the elders in First Ward.  We called him and we scheduled to meet at this one place. But we couldn't find it. Then after a half an hour he went home, and told us the directions to his phone. Well our area is a maze and I'm not good at directions, especially in Khmer. So we started looking for it, and we knew the general area, so we just started guessing and asking people if they knew where he was. Well we asked a lot of people but no success. Then it was late and we tried one more place and they didn't know him, then we shared that we were missionaries and they said we could come back. Well when we came back, they were busy and couldn't meet and postponed our meeting. So when that happens it usually means that they are not interested. But we tried again, and this time we met with the woman who was just baptized (this was the first time meeting her, the last visits it was her brother in law.) When we met her she said, "I want to go to your church." (She was prepared!) That week, she went to church and got lost and didn't make it. Then we met her again, (but at that time she said she only has time on Sundays) but then the next week we went to her house and took her to the church. But then the next two weeks we tried to meet her, but to no avail, and she didn't come to church. At this point we kinda thought she lost interest. But we were about to drop her but decided to try to meet her one more time. This was on Nov 30th. We finally did meet her and were able to actually teach her the first lesson. And it was great and she said she wanted to be baptized, and her cousin wanted to learn to! Since then she only missed church once cause she was sick and has been strong! She was very prepared and last week she had a dream were she was getting baptized and a lot of people were dressed up in white and one of them told her, "Don't be scared!" The baptismal service went well, and non chaotic and a lot of members came to support! 

I am leaving Stung Meanchey 3 And I am going to white wash and train in Siem Reap!!!!!!
I am thrilled! I really wanted to train, and I've never whitewashed and I really wanted to go to Siem Reap. That is where Angkor Wat is! So I am pumped. It is going to a crazy fun adventure. Whitewashing will be hard, but awesome. This is so so so so awesome. And Seam Reap has a bunch of awesome stuff I can get for souvenirs! I couldn't be more happy about transfers. This also means I have completed my streak, of never having a comp less than two transfers! Cool. 

But my goal is to just lose myself these last two transfers and forget about going home, and work harder than I have ever worked before. When new people come they bring a new energy with them, so I'll just that energy and give it all I got!!!!

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